Sitting by the window side on a stormy night, I quietly enjoy the sight of the rain and the silence of the thunders. I see the storm inside me through the window of nature. I alone can gaze at its magnitude and its magnificence.
Most of the times in life things don’t go our way. The reason is that 95% of things in our life are out of control but the good thing is 5% is still. So, when most of the things don’t go our way we keep brooding over it and start losing faith in life. When we have accumulated a lot of these feelings that’s when we start being a little repulsive and we try to reflect over things in life – introspect. We all have different ways. I relate to a stormy night. The storm outside helps me to calm the storm inside. Few of us take hours while for few it takes days. When we introspect, we tend to alienate ourselves which thus helps us to decrease our pain. This helps us feel good and slowly restores back our faith.
There is a problem. Some people take days. These people alienate themselves from everything. The 5% which was in their control is now beyond them. Slowly they start losing all the control of their happiness. These people do feel empowered and motivated at times but it doesn’t last long. Friends, Families start deserting them cause of their repulsive behaviour. By the time they realise that the time spent wasn’t worth it – it’s all gone. Now, you have more reasons to brood.
I do agree introspection is necessary but not at the cost of losing the 5% control. Patience is the key. Controlling the 5% will ultimately bring you happiness and good times. Its human nature to ignore the small offerings and concentrate on the larger part. Yes we all fail but not by being repulsive to the people who care for you. That’s the worst thing you can do while introspecting. Surround yourself with that small happiness and you will find wonderful results. By the time you realise this fact you would have lost the small happiness in your life which could have given you wonderful moments.