The wonderful gift


The wonderful gift

How difficult is to put a wonderful smile on your charming face? Not at all…right. We can smile any moment we want. Well, let me put you in a situation and see for yourself how well you do. Imagine that you wake up in the morning with a running nose accompanied by a small headache.  You decide to take a leave when suddenly you realise that you need to be in office today or your boss is gonna hammer you. Do you think today you will give a smile once to anyone the whole day? All day you would be busy with your nose and handkerchief. Forget smiling, you will get irritated for almost all small things going wrong. So, now you see how difficult it is to smile even after keeping fever out of this hypothetical situation…!!! I myself learnt this difficult but wonderful art from a colleague of mine. No matter how tough time she is going through she never forgets to smile. This habit of hers has helped her many times get out of tough situations. People are more than willing to help her.  I wonder how come so much help arrives for her – is she lucky? When you smile at someone – it gives an impression that all is well on my side and it will be soon on your end too. When we fall into trouble we tend to go on a negative spiral and tend to lose faith that bad times are temporary and good times will come again. A smile from someone assures them that there exists happiness and for a moment it gives them unprecedented joy and happiness that things will be alright very soon. Then join me in spreading hope to each and everyone’s life by giving the wonderful gift – A smile


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