Tear open your Cocoon


Most of us today hate to get out of our comfort zone. Almost everyone lives inside, what I call, a “Cocoon”.

It is gloomy and dusty from inside. We assume that we can’t get out from this cocoon and will be forever trapped. We keep on telling lies to ourselves which over a time feels like the truth. We can tear open the cocoon if we wanted to but the lies have created such a powerful negative spiral in us that it won’t give us that inner strength to tear it open.  Mustering the courage to push out and see the light of the world takes a lot of effort.

So, what is this so called “cocoon”? It’s your very own personality. Most people live trapped inside their personalities for their entire lives, never realising the fact that they can emerge out of it. They are victims of their own invented selves. They live in their own false make believe world. They wake up each morning to a world that is gray and dusty. There is almost no ray of hope. Pushing the inner wall of cocoon seems too hard. Why bother? And how can we be sure that better things lie on the other side?

But there are people who learn to push through. They learn to think all over again. People who take up thinking again learn to fly high. They learn to enjoy taking full possession of their own freedom. In effect, they reinvent themselves. And in the process, they become owners of the human spirit.

Just to take an example, I too was trapped in a cocoon. Well, I haven’t torn opened it yet but at least I’m trying to, because I know the beauty of life lies on the other side.

Everyday, I would tell myself that I’m awesome at giving presentations and speeches. I would think I could not ever go wrong with my fluent English. Few months back, one fine morning when everything was going wrong in my life, somebody whispered to me that why don’t you attend a special club meeting. Reluctantly, carrying the self-pride of having command over the language, I went to the meeting. That was the moment which changed my perception about life. Brilliant speakers giving masterful speeches!!! I realised my speaking skill wasn’t even 5% of those speakers. Welcome to the Toastmaster’s Club.

Till date I’m trying to reach up to the standard of these veteran public speakers. I’m trying to learn the art of public speaking. The effort each one of these speakers put before their speeches is unthinkable. These people have accomplished so much in life but still they have so much thirst to learn. I hear their speeches with awe. Be it the ever smiling Prasanna, inspiring Harish, awesome Aditya, graceful Noorain, energetic Kush or the ever smiling Siva. Since then, opportunities are coming so fast.  From editing a newsletter to taking part in a division level conference, debates and many more.

There is so much to learn in this world. We need to keep on evolving to become a better human being every passing day. Realising and then accepting your weakness is the key. Then, muster up the courage and be dedicated to change yourself for the good. I’m trying my best to tear open my cocoon…are you?


6 thoughts on “Tear open your Cocoon

  1. greyzoned/angelsbark

    Wow, Toastmasters! Scary!!! I went to one meeting and chickened out. I hate public speaking, hate getting up in front of a group. I envy those who do it so effortlessly. Sounds like you belong there! It’s a great group for sure. That’s very exciting for you. Congrats!


  2. Sivadas Balakrishnan

    Your articles ate getting better ! I am trying to break my cocoon for a long time but I just couldn’t do it ! Nyways I will keep trying 🙂


  3. Abhishek…

    An article , personal thoughts articulated in a better way.

    If you need to succeed in life , you need to learn to swim in stranger tides.
    Being inside a cocoon might be safe , remember ! One day you have to come out and see the reality.

    Happy for you and proud to see you breaking those shackles and coming out of your cocoon…

    Remember ! A ship is safe at shore but that is not it was built for…


  4. sandhya jacob

    Good to see ur working on your public speaking skills! Hope you emerge wonderfully out of this cocoon and continue to inspire others!!


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