My chocolaty Moments….


Google as we all know has the answer to everything. Well, I googled myself this morning, and here’s what I found. It said “Dairy Milk”. Yes, that’s so true. Whenever people face difficulties in life, they look up to God, parents or role models but I look up to Dairy milk. Whenever I fail, I sulk and sit down for a moment, quietly take a bite of dairy milk and within minutes I’m all motivated, ready to the face the challenge. I will take you through few interesting events of my life where dairy milk has been my Shaktimaan.

Semester Abroad Program

Carrying on the family tradition of engineering, I joined SRM University, Chennai. Upon entering college, my eyes were fixed on the semester abroad program- which facilitated bright students to spend a semester after 2nd year in a prestigious university abroad. To be eligible for the interview I had to have a good cgpa and an excellent resume. So, from day 1, I started to actively participate in every event in college- fests, symposium, and clubs and along with that studying my courses hard. After 2 years of hard work and going through 2 gruelling interviews I was on my way to University of California. The mission was to impress the professors and secure my admission for masters by getting a letter of recommendation(LOR). I landed there and was overwhelmed by the vastness and complexity of course. Taking courses were not merely enough to get letter of recommendations. So, I decided to undertake a small research work under a prof. The prof gave me specifications for the project and it was totally Greek and Latin to me. I was crestfallen as I was sure that it was impossible for me to do it, let alone completing it in 3 months. I felt my purpose of coming so far was going to be a waste but then I took out my secret weapon “my desi dairy milk”- I thought the Indian version of the chocolate was auspicious. I gobbled it in a minute. The very next minute I was filled with positive energy. I got books from the library, took help from seniors and the prof and in 3 months I completed the project. I got my LOR with a note from the prof saying that we will meet in 2012. I was super excited. Not only that, for having topped mathematics course taken by a visiting faculty from Oxford University, London, the prof too gave me a similar note. My happiness knew no bounds and a sense of pride overwhelmed me.


During my end of 4th year when I was all set to formally apply to the universities for my masters, my parents fell very sick. Being the only son, I felt it was necessary for me to stay back in India. I got dejected but then the dairy milk in me kicked in and I told myself that my dreams can also be pursued in India. So with a revitalised spirit, I got through my campus placement at TCS. In God’s own country was where I earned my first ever recognition. I was one of the best trainee at TCS training centre, Trivandrum. To ensure that my talent never got wasted, I was given a role of Learning enabler at the centre so that I didn’t have to sit in the bench. The job was to mentor the incoming batch of trainees. I worked for a month after which I was immediately taken up as a developer in a development project at TCS, Bangalore.


After managing to get a good score in CAT, the score which I can proudly speak out here, I secured my way into MBA at Loyola (LIBA), Chennai. The first thing which you learn at a management school is that planning a day out with friends is an absolutely crime. Classes can happen anytime any day.  Initially, it was a bolt from the blue for me. The workload, stress and competition were taking a toll. The internship week was a disaster for me. My mother had a major operation and I too was suffering from an ailment. All these events had taken a toll not only on my physical health but also affected my confidence. Then, one day I was reminded of my magic potion and this got me going again. I was filled with positive energy which aided my recovery. I supported my mother emotionally by positive talks which gave her strength. I cracked an internship and that’s not all, I started venturing into an unknown world of writing blogs and reading books on variety of topics ranging from sales to Emotional Quotient. These have helped me bring out my hidden thoughts and channelize it through blogs.

Two take away would be

  1.    Whenever you are down, do something of your interest which would get you kicking and running again.
  2.    Secondly, the key to success lies in mastering your mind. So, I would advise each one of you to read books on EQ which would be really helpful.

Do share your chocolaty moments….its fun..

Kindly leave a comment which would serve as a feedback and help me write better posts…


10 thoughts on “My chocolaty Moments….

  1. kabbi swati

    You are an amazing writer the way you have expressed your feelings are really good this a new side of you which i saw today all d best for your future and keep on writing more blogs……..


  2. greyzoned/angelsbark

    You are quite impressive and ambitious! One other take away that I am getting from your story: if all else fails, eat chocolate! 🙂 I enjoyed your post.


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